For whom

Vieevery is a tool for anyone who wants to shorten a long and clumsy link, attach an AD or monitor their link statistics. Vieevery is simply for anyone who wants to build awareness of their brand online.

Vieevery is a tool that can benefit a wide variety of user groups



Shortening links and attaching ADS is ideal for influencers who want to monetize their work. Vieevery makes it quick and easy to add ADS to shortened links to generate additional revenue.



Shortening links and attaching ADS to them is also a great tool for companies that want to increase the reach of their advertising campaigns and attract new customers. In addition, monitoring statistics allows you to better understand user behavior and customize your marketing efforts.


Bloggers and youtubers

Vieevery is a great tool for bloggers and youtubers who want to shorten long links to products and services they talk about in their posts or videos. Shortening links allows you to better present your products and increase their sales.


Advertising agencies

Vieevery is also a tool that can be used by advertising agencies. By shortening links and attaching ADS to them, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and generate additional revenue.

All of the above-mentioned user groups can benefit from the advantages that Vieevery offers. Whether you're looking to expand your reach, attract new customers, generate additional revenue or customize your marketing efforts, Vieevery is a tool that can help you achieve these goals.