How it works

Often, a long link is difficult to share or type, and may not be very attractive. With Vieevery, you can shorten it to a shorter and more eye-friendly format that is easier to share with others. Besides, Vieevery allows you to attach an AD to the shortened link, which is ideal for those who want to increase their online AD revenue.

  1. Create an account
  2. After logging in, you will find yourself in the My Links tab
  3. Click on the blue button Shorten a new link
  4. Then paste the URL to the landing page, choose the name of your link and click next
  5. Then select the banner that will be displayed when you click on the shortened link, and select the URL of this banner (just where it should redirect when you click on the banner)
  6. Done, now you can watch the statistics and manage your shortened link by sharing it wherever you want.

Link shortening

A long and unattractive link can discourage potential viewers from clicking on it. That's why link shortening is so important. Vieevery allows you to shorten links easily and quickly, making them more attractive and effective.


Adding ADS

Adding ADS to shortened links through Vieevery is ideal for people who want to monetize their online work. You can easily attach ADS to shortened links and generate additional revenue from each click.


Monitoring statistics

Vieevery offers advanced tools for monitoring link statistics. You can track the number of clicks, traffic sources, geolocation of users and many other useful information. This allows you to better understand user behavior and make more accurate decisions.


Renaming the shortened link

As part of its services, Vieevery also allows you to rename the shortened link to your own name. This allows for more personalized and attractive links that are easier to remember and pass on.

All of these functionalities are available to any Vieevery user - whether an influencer, company, blogger, youtuber or advertising agency. Thanks to them, you can effectively manage your links, increase the reach of your advertising campaigns and generate additional revenue from online advertising.